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Born and raised on their Grandfather’s hundred acre sugar cane farm on the outskirts of St. Martinville, Louisiana, on historic Bayou Teche in the heart of Cajun Country, sisters Martha and Becky have at last followed their blessing and passion.  Having raised their children and retired as educators, they converted the old barn house on the farm into a professional kitchen, and turned their love of baking into a business –- and Sweet Southern Ladies was born in 2004.

Martha and Becky, born just over a year apart, have been part of each other’s lives since childhood.   They have been next door neighbors most of their married lives and raised their children together.  As graduates of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the sisters hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Vocational Home Economics Education while Martha earned another in Elementary Education and Becky, a Masters in Education. 

Their spirituality and deep faith in God has always been the corner stone of their lives which combined with their passion for baking and sugar-art has attributed to the success of Sweet Southern Ladies.  They treat every cake as creating a work of art, and consider every one of their creations as one of their children.  Passion is important. Faith is important.  Love is important.  And a cake baked with passion, faith and love, is not only beautiful, but delicious!

Their philosophy is to treat a wedding cake as an integral part of the ceremony; after all, a cake is the first thing that two people eat together as a married couple.   So, they spend a considerable amount of time interviewing their clients to make sure their creation resonates something special from their clients’ lives, be it an embellishment which resembles the bride’s gown or her grandmother’s precious lace, to even the groom’s tool set.   They believe, when created and baked with artistry, passion and an unyielding attention to every detail, a cake can become as important as the wedding rings to the ceremony.

Martha and Becky are active members of the Retail Bakers Association, and the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES), and regularly conduct cake design and construction courses across the nation. 
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Tasting our cakes
It is very important for us that our cakes taste as delicious as they look beautiful.  After all, a wedding cake is something to eat and enjoy, not just a beautiful item in your wedding to look at!  We spend hours creating the best possible tastes for our cakes, something that is new and wonderful, yet delicious to everyone, like Pistachio Cherry Blossom -- our newest addition.  Please take a look at this clip from a recent wedding, and check out the bride’s and groom’s reaction as they taste our cake.  We think our cakes are delicious, but the best testimonial is our clients’ honest reaction.  You know, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
"Dear Fellow Cake Decorators"

Dear Fellow Cake Decorators,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally recommend a cake decorating class which I recently attended in September 2007.  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and traveled to Houston, Texas just to participate in this class. I was very pleased with the class.  The Sweet Southern Ladies were the teachers.  They were excellent teachers in every way.  They are very professional, very knowledgeable, explained things clearly in an easy to understand manner, extremely talented artists.  Both teachers shared wonderful ideas which I will use in my own business.  They were open to sharing all their ideas and “secrets” with the students. Never did I feel they were withholding ideas, or not telling us all they knew.  Martha and Becky not only made the class interesting and of great value, they also made it a lot of fun!  I loved the “Tip time” ideas, the special drawings for prizes.  I love the selection of items they brought to sell which was very convenient and I appreciated it very much.  They went far and above my expectations.  They went way out of their way to make this class worthwhile, informative, and entertaining.  I will take other classed with them in the future.

I have taken many many classes from very well known teachers in the cake designing field. In addition to ICES Convention for the past 9 years, I make a point to attend new classes 2-3 time per year.  I’d like to name a few such as Margaret Ford, and Rosa Ortega in Tulsa, Oklahouma.  In Utah I attended classes from Nicholas Lodge, Geraldine Kidwell, Lida Snow, Beth Parvu, Linda Reese.   At California Cake Club, I attended class with Debbie Brown, Colette Peters, Linda Shonk.  In California at Cal Java I attended classes with Bronwen Weber and Colette Perters and Daniel Budiman.  I name all these teachers just to illustrate that I have a great deal of experience in cake classes and I am very qualified to judge and evaluate a class and its teachers. 

The Sweet Southern Ladies rank very high among the best teachers ever.  I highly recommend them.  Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss this further.

Carrie’s Cakes
1454 East Ridgemark Dr.
Sandy, UT 84092


A note from one of our students

Hello Martha and Rebecca,

I recently sent this letter to Denise Talbot, our club president.  I wanted her to see a Halloween display that did not come out right during my demonstration.  After I sent it, thought that maybe I should send a copy to you so that you will know how I really felt about your class.  IT WAS AWESOME!
Love, C.J.Clay


     I have attached a picture of my Halloween Cake toppers for your review.  This is the way they look under normal circumstances.  Speaking of Cake Toppers and Show Stoppers, I would like to reiterate how much I enjoyed the class given by the Sweet Southern Ladies on the Ball Wedding Cakes.  The class was Awesome!  There was never a dull moment.  Martha and Rebecca have a knack for making learning fun.  I was initially uncomfortable about the class because of my limited knowledge of fondant, but they almost immediately put me at ease.  As Martha put it, “Fondant is a special part of cake decorating, so let’s get busy!”  Their attention to details was phenomenal.  Constantly they circulated among the students to ensure that everyone was on task.  Baking techniques and tricks of the trade were shared with the class throughout the lessons.  As a Wilton Method Instructor and a Certified K-12 teacher in Texas, I can truthfully say that the class was top of the line.
     Of special not is the fact that they got in the trenches with us.  In essence, while we were decorating our cakes, they were demonstrating on a real cake at the same time.  When introducing techniques that may not have identified with the individual cakes we were preparing, they allowed us to get up close and personal and even help decorate their cake.  For example, when I did not understand how Martha was doing a certain brush technique on their cake, so she invited me up to the front, showed me the technique, and then let me practice it on their cake. WE LEARN BY DOING!  The demo cake was awesome but so was my own.  Another act of kindness was that they allowed me to take the demo to my job.  I work at a low-income elementary school.  When I arrived at the school, one of the custodians and I put the cake on a flat and rolled it into the cafeteria.  The next day every child at the school had an opportunity to observe the cake.  You should have seen the looks on their little faces.  I pray that this event encouraged them to stay in school and dream of one day having a wedding with a cake as glamorous as the one we displayed.  On Friday evening, we loaded up the cake into my Toyota Camry. Front seat!  Me holding onto the top ball and headed to Hobby Lobby so that I could share my Masterpiece with my cake decorating student.  The beauty of the cake flabbergasted all the customers, students, and management.  Somebody even cut a slice of it while we were in the back classroom.  I am smiling as I write to you because this cake brought so much joy into so many people’s lives.  Helen Heden took pictures of it.  The course was definitely worth the money.  I sincerely hope you will consider bringing them back to Houston to conduct more Cake Decorating classes.  Martha and Rebecca are most definitely professional assets to the Sugar Art business! 

C.J. Clay

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